Saturday, August 9, 2008

Nuisances: Leash laws, and barking dogs

Do I have to leash my dog when we're off my property?

Probably. New York State requires that dogs be "adequately restrained" when off their owner's property, and most towns and cities have added local leash laws. Because leash laws are a matter of local law, check with your municipal clerk's office for information on your town or city ordinances.

Increasingly, municipalities are setting aside sections of parks for use as off-leash recreation areas. DFNY offers "Guidelines for a Responsible Off-leash Community" for off-leash enthusiasts.

Note: In New York City leashes cannot exceed six feet in length.

Where do I find information on how much barking is "too much" barking where I live?

Many towns have ordinances on maximum noise levels of all types known as "nuisance noise" ordinances. Others may have a law specifically mentioning barking, howling, etc. Check with your municipal clerk's office for further information.

Whether you have a nuisance noise or barking dog ordinance or not, be considerate of your neighbors. Don't let sustained barking and howling become an issue.


Anonymous said...

My dog has never left my yard. I live on a quarter acre and was sitting in my yard. My dog was sitting under my chair and animal control had to walk through my yard, around my house, and gave me a ticket for him not being on a leash. Was it legal for her to come onto my property and issue me a ticket?

The only New York organization dedicated to protecting the rights of caring dog owners said...

Your question is a little unclear.

If you are asking about whether you could be required to leash a dog in your own yard, technically you would need to look at your local animal control laws. State law does not require dogs to be leashed, making containment a matter of local law.

On the other hand, we are unaware of any municipality in NYS that requires dogs to be leashed while on their owner's property, other than remedies imposed pursuant to Dangerous Dog cases.

The unwarranted entry on to your property may have been illegal. You would need to consult an attorney.

emily said...

ok my dog was in my fenced in yard and we were unawere that there seemed to be a break in the fence when my rude niebors walked by with there huge dog my lab ran out but i was right behide him with a leash my peekapom followed me as we got toward them the man seemed to be screaming at my lab so i put him on the leash and said i was so sorry and then his wife was saying that i cant take care of my dog whick i took to the heart and was very upset by then she coniuded to say that she would call the police about leash law as i ran away with my dogs i put them in the house and the neibors keep walking by my house to see if my dogs would bark ofcourse they did and the niebor coniunued to yell at me and i am 14 so i cryed and slamed the door now i am scared to let my dogs outside in fear to see them i dont even go outside anymore becuase i am scared of them. could they really call the police? would they really take away my dog? i dont no what i would do i couldnt live without them.

jan said...

Would love to know if there are any laws in NY state for an incessant barking dog. This Jack Russell terrier is obviously very disturbed and no matter what time of day he goes out, he barks incessantly. I have also noticed that he goes round in circles which seems to indicate some sort of neurosis. Let me know what you think

Anonymous said...

What rights do residents have who have had a bark park opened in their neighborhood with no notice from the town? We now are living with constant barking from numerous dogs and have been fighting with the town for 2 years to get this park moved.

Anonymous said...

My neighbors dog comes to the edge of our property in the woods next to my home. He is on my property and just stands there and barks & barks. He has recently started to come further onto our property and goes around our home -front and back yards. He barks for about 15 minutes and then they finally callhim. This goes on and on. What can i do about this?

Anonymous said...

I have to go to court because my neighbor complained of excessive dog barking. My dog has never barked for more than 15 minutes which is identified on the village noise ordinance (not even 2 minutes) however the judge told me that he barked 3 times and according to the village ordinance it was considered a nuisance. Though the ordinance mentioned 15 minutes of habitual or continuous barking it also mentions any noise that is considered a nuisance therefore his 3 barks were a violation of the law. Don't I and my dog have any rights? He barked 3 times (maybe 5 seconds) and I’m read my rights at an arraignment. Is this law too vague? The neighbor has dogs surrounding her house and their dogs bark longer than mine because I hear them but because we had never gotten along she is filing a complaint against me.

Anonymous said...

The neighbors dog barks and barks on and off all day and night til 4 in the morning it wakes me up out of my sleep. Ive spoke to them about it and we made an agreement bt they still continue to do it as if it were on purpose. I cant go in my kitchen without them barking. My cable guy came nd they allowed them to bark for three hours straight and never calld them in. I live in ny what can i do about this because its effecting my life terribly i can not sleep a full night without being woken up

mikeeael rundell said...

i'm just curious as to what if anything can be done on my issue. i have a neigbor who has 2 full grown german shepards. i love dogs (just want to make that clear i own 2 dogs myself) but his dogs despite me asking numerous times for him to keep them on his own property they continue to come over in my yard. and its scares me becuase me and my girlfriend have 2 kids and the dogs are not trained in any way. i just dont want my kids gettin hurt becuase he couldnt be bother to leash them or make a fenced in area for them to run/ play in. me i only let my one dog run around and thats because its a min pin and its like 13 years old. but his are young full grown untrained german sheperds. and dont want to call the cops/ if nothing can be done. and lastly would his pets become "pest" seeing as i have asked him plenty of times nicely to please keep his animals off my yard. i dont mind if they run around just keep them off my yard cause i dont trust his dogs around my children.. and again i LOVE dogs, i have a black lab and a min pin also a few cats. so i dont wanna come off as a animal hater. i am just scared for my kids becuase his dogs are so big and untrained. thanks for any help/advice. its greatly appreciated