Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dog licensing and NYS "purebred" licenses

How do I license my dog?
All dogs over the age of four months must have a valid dog license, issued by the owner's muncipality or county. State law allows animal control authorities to seize unlicensed dogs.

Your municipal clerk will have the application and further information. Fees vary from municipality to municipality, and you will need to provide proof of current rabies vaccination for your dog.

Residents of New York City obtain licenses from the NYC Department of Health.What is a "purebred license"? Is it a "kennel license" or "breeder's license"?

NOTE:  The following information is for historical reference only.  The NYS "purebred license" program was discontinued as of January 1, 2011.Prior to January 2, 2011, New York State offered bulk-rate dog licenses to the owners of certain purebred dogs. The program was often called the "purebred license" program.
A purebred license was not a kennel license and did not give the owner authority to operate a kennel, breed dogs or house more dogs than permitted by local ordinances.Possesion of a "purebred license" did not make the holder a "pet dealer."

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